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Hancock county schools is applying for a WVDE 21st Century Learning Grant. Any interested community agency wishing to participate please contact Erica Sauer at esauer@k12.wv.us or 304-564-3411 ex 1. The application and any waiver request will be available for public review after the submission of the application


Our students recently participated in a student-organized demonstration to bring attention to school safety and to honor students from other schools who have lost their lives. This was not organized by the school, and students were not required to participate. When teachers and principals learned of the potential for this activity, they consulted the superintendent who asked that students were supervised. Students who opted to stay in the classroom remained with their teachers. Other available teachers supervised students who went outside. Since it was a cold day, the door to the gymnasium was open to provide students with an opportunity to get warm. Many have said this was part of a political agenda, but our students offered a respectful moment of silence. It also allowed all of us to reflect on how we can ensure our students are as safe as possible. In the end, this is the only thing that matters.



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